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Your Community for Prosperity


Queen/King or pawn?

Another short, one minute message for you to ponder about.

Do you own your decision or do let others decide for you?

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Your Impact – Be Mindful

A short but meaningful message today regarding the mindfulness necessary in our actions and words towards others.

Watch the 1 minute video below.

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Best Wishes

Hello! I have a very short message for you today.

I mainly want to say thanks, for a fabulous year with
good health, new friednships and new contacts.

Thank you for being part of my blog and for receiving my
messages. I want you to know that I wish you the best for
this Holiday Season and I hope you have a phenomenal 2013.

We recorded a very short Christmasy message for you:


How to Wake Up Your Creative Genius

I was invited by Lisha to participate as a guest blogger on her site and here is the article on creativity that I wrote for her.

Enjoy it:

Link to transcript:
Click here!

Inspire you 2-

A while back a well known internet/social media person asked me to share my story because he found it inspiring for others who may be chasing a dream.

If you missed part 1-> Here it is: click for part 1
Here is part 2:

Inspire you 1-

A while back a well known internet/social media person asked me to share my story because he found it inspiring for others who may be chasing a dream.
Here is part 1:

Goal setting, time management and achievement. Play the D-game.

I prepared a really fun game for you to go over goal setting and time management.
Take a look at the video, it will be fun.

It is all conceived in a way an architect thinks about the design of a house, I have a degree in architecture, just for the record.
Enjoy it!

Learn from your dog how to be successful.

You can train a dog to do many tricks and as long as he recognizes you as his Master, he’s going to obey and to follow your command.
So, we have two roles here, the part that orders and the part that obeys. Correct?

Watch video for dogie show off or if you prefer the post spoken:

Now, we see coaches everywhere, and it is easy to be the one telling others what to do.
I am not putting coaching down here, in fact very often it is the only way to get out of the ditch, someone pulling you out and guiding you to the exit, but just be careful who you follow.
The times are changing fast and more and more people are becoming self-employed or starting a home based business, but most of us come in with an employee mentality from the industrial age mindset where we had a boss and we had to obey and follow through or we were kicked out.
Now, we have the 2 roles in the same person.
We have no problems deciding what the outcome should be and what the best path towards it is, but we do not follow our own prompting.
We disobey ourselves because we have the option to kick back.
We lie to ourselves making up excuses and procrastinating, being inefficient with the use of the time because there is no one to whip us into shape.
Remember… You are your own Master … DO YOU RECOGNIZE YOU AS YOUR MASTER?
You know the things you should be doing to achieve what you state you want to achieve.
Command yourself and FOLLOW THROUGH!
I would coin this: NO BLAME FOR GAIN.
Why would you be an obedient puppet to someone else but not to yourself?
It is self-employed and employee is the KEYWORD. Be a better employee to yourself than you were to others.
It is not self-boss (although somehow you are)
For example:
The most common thing is people complaining about having some few or many extra pounds.
Nothing new, but the equation is easy: move more and load less. That is it.
You do not need that magical pill that will do the miracle for you.
So what is the moral of the story?
Be the best Master you can be to yourself for now, but more important be your own best doggie.
Did I stir something up in you? Did I hit the nail on the head?
To narrow down and hammer it some more….
The 2 key points are:
a) The decisions you make and
b) The decisions you act upon.
Your decision making is your role as your own Master
Your action taking is your role as your own doggie.
Do you have any input or a comment?
Let me know below please.
Send this to a friend who this can be helpful to.
You don’t know me? Friend me on Facebook:

My Facebook page.

I’ll be back soon.
Be a good doggie to yourself, woof woof
That means ciao, in doggie language.

Do you drag the past?

Learn the lessons that serve you and cut off the heavy luggage that keeps you from focusing on the present and future possibilities.
We live we learn… Do we?

Marketing a Fantasy – The one Button Solution -

As long as people are looking for a one button solution to solve a problem and keep on fantasizing that a magical result will show up overnight other people will keep on selling them that fantasy. Here is a spoof that makes a cartoon of the situation. There is more than the obvious here. Watch and pay attention to the words. Leave a comment or send a private message if you have a question. Enjoy the humor.

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