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Your Community for Prosperity


Spaming, Scaming and Marketing

A complement to  the post before last, besides the sell, sell, sell the other questionable Social Media (SM) behavior is the excess of irrelevant messages sent to SM friends and contacts.

This 6 minute video took an enormous amount of hours to be completed but the editing ended up being quite a feast to the eye. Check it out.  Another video packed with a solid message and with very cool and unique visual tricks.


Come and Hang Out with me.

An invitation to be sent for people to come and “hang out” with all the participants of this blog. Exploring different ideas and styles for putting the word out about our blog.Very short but powerful message. The one minute video took several hours of editing. When you see all the digital tricks you will understand why.

Enjoy the short video.

Social Media and Improper Marketing

We have all seen it at the Social Media Sites.


The chase…

People chasing others trying to sell something. I prepared this video as a parody cartooning the situation but I heard a very well respected marketer saying that this video is reality. It is people who have become a parody.

Anyways, it is a short video at 2 minutes of length with what I (and others) believe is a very powerful and silent  message conveying clearly what the behavior at the Social Media  Sites is becoming. The video has a message communicated with humor although it is turning into a serious issue. Enjoy and please leave a comment to reflect your point of  view in the subject.

Thank you

Entrepreneurship-Marketing-New Economy

The weekend of Nov. 21st & 22nd I had the experience to attend the first HSBW meeting in Hartford, Connecticut.
Did you see my interview with Diane?

Link to interview with Diane, the founder & organizer of  the event.

Today I want to offer you a very special experience. Come with me, come with me while I take advantage of the opportunity to test my magic carpet.

Enjoy the view and I will be your companion from the outside. The trip was a wonderful experience in every way, come and join me to share the experience.

Let’s go…

Well, I hope you enjoyed the experience. I had lots of fun preparing this material for you.

Leave a comment with your impression.

Invite your friends and may be this is material of their interest, let them decide.

I wish you the best always.

Until my next article.

Interview with Diane Hochman

The weekend of November 21st I was invited to take part of the first meeting of the Home and Small Business Network in Hartford, Connecticut.

I felt I was in a privileged position for such invitation and having access to a kickstart on something that is going to reshape an industry. All the information and knowledge gained will be shared with my subscribers.
I am sure this knowledge and organization will benefit the many but please participate, leave your insight, questions and opinions down below by leaving a comment.

So lets jump into the interview video recording:

Always remember that success and achievement is a result of your preparedness, planning and actions but it is seldom an accident.

Failure does not really exist, only lessons and results.

Move forward, experiment, test, change, improve and evolve.

If you want your results to show, change your mindset, execution and knowledge application.

Wish you success.

Vision, commitment for business success.

Concepts for Success in your business.

In a brain storming session we had a discussion on the absolutely necessary elements for success mainly applied to business but once you have mastered the principles they can be applied to almost anything. I was a fan of Leonardo’s life and work ever since I heard of it the first time. I was fascinated as a kid about his work and investigations in general but I became almost obsessed with investigating the principles of flying.

Due to that knowledge from such an early age I thought of establishing a parallel between the take off and soaring of an airplane with the take off and lasting success of a business endeavor.

You will see in this video recording from the airplane down and from the ground up.

Enjoy and please leave a comment if you have any suggestion or question. I encourage you to participate and contribute.

Thank you for your visit.

Here we have from the dictionary the definition of the concepts illustrated in the video:

Vision: The act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be: prophetic vision; the vision of an entrepreneur.

Commitment: Engagement; full involvement.

Perspective: Technique of depicting volumes and spatial relationships on a flat surface.

Consistency: Steadfast adherence to the same principles, course,  form.

Ups and Downs:  Lack of steadiness, rises and falls of fortune; good  and bad times.

Environment:  The aggregate of surrounding things, conditions,  or influences; surroundings; milieu.

A brand new start!

Hello, I am Ernesto.

Welcome to my cyber place.

May I Introduce myself?

The purpose for starting this site is to grow an interactive community where we can share tips and exchange life experiences. I will be posting articles and videos where I will be kicking off a subject and where you can contribute and participate actively. May be there is a little wisdom I can offer you and you can offer something back to our community for us to grow together. This idea is to benefit everyone involved.

The subjects will vary between life issues and business subjects.

Now, if you are the type of person who has no room for growth or needs no help then, this site is not for you but, I thank you for your quick visit though.

If you decide to stay and read and listen, here is what I can offer:

I have been an architect for 25 years and in the last 20 years I have been able to work and travel in several places. I live in California at the moment as of October 2010; I am not sure when you will be reading this post.

For the last 3 years I have been switching my energy and time towards making a contribution and paying forward what I have been able to extract from life as experience. May be through my videos and written pieces you will be able to find some useful tips or you will profit from the insight offered which could help you make some decisions.

I think it is important for us, the more chronologically advanced crowd to offer some guidance to those who are willing to listen and who are aware of their chance to profit from others mistakes and experiences.

In business in particular I have been getting more interested in free enterprise and in business models that offer time, technology and earning leverage rather than the traditional model where the worker sells their time for a certain activity, knowledge or service, also known as linear income.

Having an entrepreneurial spirit I am always open for better options although I have never been too attracted to risky and costly types of investments like real estate or franchises, where you basically buy yourself a management position with a high failure rate for a huge investment.

You can call me or write if you have a struggling business or if you are currently looking for an option to what you are currently doing, may be I can assist you get out of a rut like I was a while back. A plan B as an exit strategy is always a clever thought to keep I mind.

I hope you can get value as you poke around my site reading my articles or browsing my videos. You can subscribe and if you chose so you will get notified when something new is posted. You will also get surprise goodies as a subscriber and keep in mind that you can cancel your free subscription anytime.

Best wishes, always.

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